About me

I am an accomplished and certified project manager, strategist and solution-oriented person; who thrives in a challenging, fast paced environments where my performance directly impacts the bottom line. In addition, I have solid organizational leadership and decision-making skills that can make an immediate contribution to your operations and business development.

Mission Statement – To help organizations achieve their strategic and commercial objectives by implementing and executing effective program and project management practices, leading to projects and services delivery excellence.

What I Bring? - 10+ years of productive full life cycle project implementation management/training, coupled with development/support and technical knowledge. Exposure and experience in implementation of effective and results oriented Project Management Practices and methodologies. I am also enjoying the essence of virtual organization helping and collaborating with remote multicultural teams towards successful projects and services delivery resulting;

Successful Project Implementation/Training of 500+ enterprise software/hardware financial services projects for telecom and banking sector.


My skills

IT Project Management & Budgeting 100%

Virtual Organization Leadership Development & Coaching 100%

Sourcing, Procurement & Logisics 100%

Customer Relations & Experience Management 100%

Strategic Analysis & Decisions 85%

International Business & Service Delivery 82%

Business Development 87%

Reporting & Analysis 92%


Successful Project Implementations

How Can I Help ?

PMO Deployment, Operation & Enhancement

For the past 10 years, I have been successfully implementing PMO design and practices, bringing my clients the expertise and tools needed to help and sustain a value-driven PMO.

Project Review & Recovery

With so much at stake, fast action is the key to avoiding loses associated with project failures. I bring you expertise which can address common areas of concern including scope, resource availability, and project controls to turn around a project quickly.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

My project portfolio management (PPM) approach helps you select and manage an optimal portfolio of projects – one that maximizes your organization’s responsiveness, revenues, and adaptability while keeping the projects aligned with your strategic business goals.

Project Management Maturity Advancement

I work with my clients to address the current level of maturity, develop an achievable improvement plan, and help keep the momentum going by supporting the execution and measurement of the recommended improvements.

Organizational Change Management

Cultural influences how organizational strategy is executed. As strategies evolve in responsiveness to market conditions, organizational cultures must also shift to stay competitive and profitable.

Project Management Methodology Implementation

Implementation is a collaborative process, with final methodology ownership in your hands. My methodology implementation approaches are designed to foster acceptance and make the adoption of a standard methodology welcomed within your project culture.

Demand Management

I can help you in convergence of portfolio and resources management to meet business and project demands.

Project Management Mentors

I can help to mentor and work closely with your project managers and project personnel to build project management competence while ensuring successful execution of projects.

Resource Management

I can help you obtain, structure, and analyze your resource management information and practices to use your talent effectively and streamline resource deployment.

Vendor Management

I have the experience to manage and work on your behalf with vendors to ensure terms and conditions are met; and ensure a guatanteed increase in your ROI.



+46 73 646 2552 | +92 300 8484 834